Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SCX Nat's qualifier race

On Saturday, September 20th, 2008 the Wyoming Valley Slot Car Association and Warrior Run Loco Works, was the site for another SCX National Qualifier Race. This was a beautiful September day in Northeast Pa. and the racers were super excited to start the event, after a morning practice session and some coffee with a mixed variety of bagels everyone was ready to start. Dave Kennedy from SCX performed the prelimanary tech on the Audi LMP no magnet class with a tyre hand out (1603 Super Tires) and the magnetic SCX Nascar class with all cars using stock tyres and 225 grams of down force. All 9 competitors teched just fine and all cars were impounded till the start of the race.
Our racing roster was as follows ; Tom Gunshannan JR, Tom Gunshannan 3rd, Sam Barbose, JJ Kozokas, Dean Kirkpatrick, Mike Grabko, Tom Pintchuck, Clarence Taylor, and Chuck Perez. Dave Kennedy was our racing official.
It was now race time and the racing line up was set , with the button pushed we were off to another regional event with 4 racers going to nationals, Tom2 was off to a blistering pace in red lane followed by Dean , Mike , and Clarence making up the pack in the first heat of the race. As other racers rotated in, this was anybody's race with changes in position almost untrackable. Tom P came into the Pack with a 36 lap run in the red lane but JJ and Sam would not be out done running 37 Laps in the same lane. Chuck was now entering the red lane and finished up with a 39,could this be a sign of what was to come? As every one kept to their pace and time ticking by with the half way point Chuck had a small lead on the feild and no one was going to give this race away. The start of the second half of LMP was clean and fast, Clarence Taylor was now getting the hang of the track and was on the way to prove he was not going down to any one, but Mike was starting to have some gear trouble and starting falling back but not giving up, Tom P, was battling against Tom 3rd and JJ, Sam, and Chuck were runiing for the lead, Tom 2, and Dean were intheir own battle at one point but Tom2 showed eveyone he was here to race today. The LMP race was finnally over and the standings were announced and the racers prepared for the SCX nascar class. This was going to be interesting because most of the club races no magnet. The race was super competitive and pretty rough with plenty of de-slots on the hill section of our track. THis race was mixing up the feild quite abit with racers switching positions till the end. Now it was time to add all the laps up from the LMP race and the Nascar race and here is the final results.............
1 Chuck Perez 461 laps (lmp record 5.984) (nascar record 5.738)
2 JJ Kozokas 439 laps
3 Tom Gunshannan JR 430 laps
4 Dean Kirkpatrick 421 laps
5 Tom Pintchuck 420 laps 11 sections
6 Tom Gunshannan 3rd 420 laps 3 sections
7Clarence Taylor 404 laps
8 Mike Grabko 386 laps
9 Sam Barbose JR 362 laps

The WVSCA and Warrior Run Loco Works would like to thank Dave Kennedy and SCX for allowing us to have this event, and Clarence Taylor for making the drive in from NJ to spend the day racing with us. We now have 4 racers ready to go to nationals, to race with more guys who share our hobby. Can't wait to go!!!!!!!!

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